The simplest way to curb your carbon footprint

By Cindy Soler, Edited by Rachel Petersen

As more and more headlines speak to the growing climate crisis, we’re often left wondering, “what am I supposed to do?” With the whirlwind of information on the effect of rising temperatures on a global scale, little information is shared on what consumers can do in order to curb their carbon footprint.

One of the biggest contributors to carbon emissions is fast fashion, the practice of mass-market retailers rapidly producing clothing in response to constantly evolving trends. With the pressure to continuously update your closet, older items quickly become forgotten and discarded, eventually destined for landfills. The average person throws away about 70 pounds of clothing per year, which adds up to 21 billion pounds of clothing waste annually when, in reality, nearly all textiles are recyclable. Recycling used clothing helps curb the enormous waste footprint left by unused garments.

Shopping second hand gives new life to clothing destined for landfills, reduces the number of resources and emissions used on making new garments and minimizes the strain on precious resources. Hanover Flea Market is home to booths offering one-of-a-kind and second-hand items. You’ll be doing your part while shopping, even though it may seem small, to keep the earth a greener and healthier place. You may even find the perfect sweater for next week’s dinner.

The 5 things you need to be looking for at the flea market

By Brady Alisaskas, Edited by Rachel Petersen

Flea markets. Most of us have been to at least one, but are we “flea marketing” the best that we possibly can? Knowing what to look for and having a better knowledge of the types of items you can find while at the flea market can turn you into a treasure hunting pro in no time!

Without further ado, I give you the top five items that you should always check the flea market for first.

#5 Appliances

We start our list off with an item that will surprise most people. However, a flea market can be the perfect place to find affordable used or liquidated appliances from brands such as Maytag, LG and Samsung. Why get the same item from a big-box store for twice the price?

#4 Clothing

If you’re like me, you get bored with your wardrobe regularly. Unfortunately, it’s pricey to constantly buy new clothing and accessories. This is where a flea market can save you a lot of money. Tons of cheap name-brand clothing and jewelry, both used and new, can be found while taking a stroll past different vendors’ tables.

#3 Books

Listen up, book worms! A flea market might be the best place to buy books. Whether it’s horror, romance or even science fiction that you’re looking for, a flea market has it all. You can pick up most books for only a dollar or two and they are usually in great condition.

#2 Furniture                                                         

Whether it’s an antique buffet table or a liquidated couch, a flea market is a great place to pick up your dream furniture without going over your budget. If you buy from a big-box store, you’ll likely pay the same price or higher for something you need to assemble yourself.

#1 Nostalgic Items

It’s no secret that flea markets are overflowing with antiques, but have you ever stopped to think about the nostalgic items that you may uncover while there? You could rediscover anything from a toy that you had as a child to a dish set that your mother had while you were growing up. Take a look around and see what looks familiar.

Whatever item you may be looking for, consider supporting your local flea market before looking online or going to a department store. You will be amazed at what you can find.

Grow your ever-growing collection!

Do you look for the opportunity to buy books at every place you visit? Do you tell yourself after your every purchase that this is the last book you will buy this year? Do you have a bigger collection of your TBR’s than of your reads? Well, if you can relate to this, then we are providing you another opportunity to grow your collection, and satisfy your book hoarding needs!


Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

Whether it is in the form of articles, comics or books of a particular genre, reading has been considered a good source to enhance your knowledge and vocabulary. Being a reader myself, I know how, when acquired, reading becomes more of a lifestyle than a habit. If you have been thinking about starting to read that particular book, then why wait any longer? Just pick it up and indulge in the experience that it will take you on!

We, at Hanover Flea Market, understand the need to look for deals to buy more books. To give you a chance to satisfy this need, we are offering you a wide collection of books and comics to choose from, and all at affordable prices. So, come give us a visit, and maybe you’ll find your next favorite read here!

The Approaching Sounds of the Holiday Season!

As the temperatures begin to drop down, and as the first showers of the season surface, it is time to grab our favorite hot drink, wear our favorite sweater, and curl up with a good book or watch our favorite movie!

Photo by Victoria Borodinova from Pexels

Winter brings with it the spirit of the Holiday season! All of us are getting ready to take a break from the fast-paced life, and spend some quality time with our family and friends. Here are a few ideas to make your winter fun and memorable this year –

  • Spend a day doing skiing or snow tubing with your family and friends.
  • Spend an evening playing games, and engaging everyone in your family.
  • Do some knitting – make a sweater, a pair of socks, or even a wrap.
  • Learn to make some new recipes that you can share with those around you.
  • Take part in the Christmas activities going on in and around your town.

Also, while enjoying your winters, don’t forget to give us a visit at Hanover Flea Market! This holiday season, we are offering you a variety of winter clothing, accessories, and even some collectible gift items at affordable prices!

The Spookiest Evening of the Year is Here!

With Halloween just the blink of an eye away, everyone is set to step into the spookiest evening of the year! But, there is always something that we forget to buy, or leave to the last minute, with the hope of finding that perfect costume or accessories or home decorations. If you are still searching for your perfect something, then come check us out at Hanover Flea Market!

Photo by Paige Cody on Unsplash

Halloween is a party night for all of us -children look forward to the sweets, and teens and adults look forward to parties with their friends and family. We make a lot of effort to dress up and act as our favorite characters and things – besides buying costumes, we also invest in makeup and accessories to enhance our looks. For those of us who are throwing a Halloween party, we look for all sorts of unique and weird decorations that give our homes a supernatural vibe.

Finding scary, last minute options can be difficult, but we at Hanover Flea Market can help you make your Halloween memorable and affordable! Come, give us a visit and search through the variety of unique items that we have to offer at affordable prices!