Grow your ever-growing collection!

Do you look for the opportunity to buy books at every place you visit? Do you tell yourself after your every purchase that this is the last book you will buy this year? Do you have a bigger collection of your TBR’s than of your reads? Well, if you can relate to this, then we are providing you another opportunity to grow your collection, and satisfy your book hoarding needs!


Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

Whether it is in the form of articles, comics or books of a particular genre, reading has been considered a good source to enhance your knowledge and vocabulary. Being a reader myself, I know how, when acquired, reading becomes more of a lifestyle than a habit. If you have been thinking about starting to read that particular book, then why wait any longer? Just pick it up and indulge in the experience that it will take you on!

We, at Hanover Flea Market, understand the need to look for deals to buy more books. To give you a chance to satisfy this need, we are offering you a wide collection of books and comics to choose from, and all at affordable prices. So, come give us a visit, and maybe you’ll find your next favorite read here!

The Spookiest Evening of the Year is Here!

With Halloween just the blink of an eye away, everyone is set to step into the spookiest evening of the year! But, there is always something that we forget to buy, or leave to the last minute, with the hope of finding that perfect costume or accessories or home decorations. If you are still searching for your perfect something, then come check us out at Hanover Flea Market!

Photo by Paige Cody on Unsplash

Halloween is a party night for all of us -children look forward to the sweets, and teens and adults look forward to parties with their friends and family. We make a lot of effort to dress up and act as our favorite characters and things – besides buying costumes, we also invest in makeup and accessories to enhance our looks. For those of us who are throwing a Halloween party, we look for all sorts of unique and weird decorations that give our homes a supernatural vibe.

Finding scary, last minute options can be difficult, but we at Hanover Flea Market can help you make your Halloween memorable and affordable! Come, give us a visit and search through the variety of unique items that we have to offer at affordable prices!